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Employment of EU citizens in the UK has become more complicated – so it is useful to find a multilingual recruitment business that is owned by people that have been around so long that they needed to apply for visas when Sweden was not part of the EU!

Nordic Staff has been trading since 2005 and was started by a Brit and a Swede in response to a friend who couldn’t find Nordic-speaking call center operatives for his business.

It didn’t take us long to tap into our network and find people with the relevant languages and skills.

Within a month we had done our research, registered Nordic Staff as a business, built a website, and started offering Nordic language recruitment services to call centres and shared service centres. From that, we expanded to any language recruitment that our clients needed in any setting.

Our approach and attitude are consistent: we use technology to match people with opportunities. But people are always our priority.

The businesses that we represent usually contact us after their existing suppliers have failed to find multilingual candidates for important roles. Often they are surprised that they have not heard of us before. That is because we spend more time and resources finding candidates than promoting our services to companies.

Job seekers find us because, when they search for UK jobs, their search engine of choice normally points towards us. Or they are one of the 10,000+ that see our vacancies on Facebook.

So, whether you are hiring or job seeking you have found a business that will take the time to offer you the advice that will help you to achieve your goals.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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