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Can I live and work in the UK after the Brexit transition period?

Most folk who are already in the UK will be able to stay. So far 2.5million have applied to do so via the Settled Status scheme that is in place until further notice. After the transition, other rules will apply.

Our Brexit page carries the most up to date information.

Are all of your vacancies advertised on your website?

No – we always check our database for qualified candidates before advertising jobs.

What countries do you recruit in?

Our clients and candidates are predominantly based in Europe.

Why do Nordic Staff recruit for Dutch and German Staff?

Whilst they are not Nordic languages most International businesses run Northern European sections which include Nordic, Germanic and  other Northern European languages.

I am having difficulty logging in – what has gone wrong?

If your CV was in the wrong format your registration will have failed. Look here for next step instructions.

I applied for a job last week and have not heard from you – what has happened?

If your profile is a good match for the job that you have applied for we will contact you within 4 working days

What information do I need about living and working in the UK?

Click here for more information.

Can Employers post jobs to your site?

No. We are not a job board.

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